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Spentex FR, Flame Resistant, Fire Retardant Clothing

Spentex FR Protection

Spentex® FR is inherently flame resistant, with FR protection built right into the fiber. The result is a highly effective garment that offers better protection and greater comfort than any other FR product on the market.

Every day, your employees face potential fire hazards - hazards that are dramatically heightened when the FR uniforms and PPE they wear is ineffective or, in some cases, not even worn due to lack of comfort.

Spentex® FR changes all of that by combining greater comfort, better protection and extended durability - all in one fabric.

  • Greater Comfort
  • Better Fire Protection
  • Zero Compromise

Spentex® Flame Resistance

Spentex vs. Nomex vs. Blended Cotton FR

In heat and stress tests (NFPA 2112/ASTM 1930), Spentex® FR outperforms traditional FR fabrics.

Higher durability.

Setting the new standard in FR wear life, Spentex® FR retains outstanding strength and undergoes minimal color loss.
Spentex® FR has achieved the highest rating for resistance to UV degradation and maintains its shape and excellent appearance.

Science of Comfort.

Utilizing the technology used in today’s athletic fabrics, Spentex® FR has superb wicking capabilities, combined with unsurpassed breathability. The result is the most comfortable FR garments available.

Breathability and moisture wicking.

Spentex® FR is designed to provide HRC-2 single layer protection, and with a weight of only 6 oz., it is the most lightweight, highest-performing FR garment on the market. Unsurpassed in comfort, Spentex® FR is universally accepted and applicable across multiple occupational hazards and wearer comfort needs.

Easy care and maintenance.

Spentex® FR only requires normal laundry care and maintenance.

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